Chamois Cream Equally Important in Winter Training: Here’s Why

01 Feb Chamois Cream Equally Important in Winter Training: Here’s Why

Due to the winter storm systems that seem to have been on an increase the past few seasons, I have been training indoors more than ever. OK, that is a lie, I love the indoor trainer because it allows me to work on very specific energy systems, cadences, pedaling techniques, and weights, at a consistent 67 degrees!

I would however ride outside more often if the temps were just a little warmer. I am a 35+ degree kind of guy, confirming this yesterday, riding my cross bike outside on the road at 24F. Some of you seem to like this winter riding, so you can have my part of it, because that sucked. Embro is great until you are sitting in your warm house, after one of these rides with your legs on fire, just great. Stinging head winds for miles that slowly wear on you, I do not care what you say, you are not warm after rides like this. If you are warm, you were going to hard for this time of the season if you are a Midwest master’s racer!

Why did I start this post? I wanted to share with the “I don’t use chamois cream crowd” how to increase your comfort while riding the stationary trainer! I use more chamois cream while riding the trainer than I do when riding outside or racing. The reason for the increase is comfort and due to the lack of wind keeping my bibs dry. While riding outside, even when it is warm, 80’s for instance, you have the breeze helping to dry your bib shorts. Thus the chamois/pad in the bibs is not getting soaked with sweat. When riding inside you will notice your bibs will be soaked by the 1 hour mark, I mean soaked! A proven method, a cure if you will is to add a double dose of cream and change into fresh bibs every 1.5 hours. That is correct, when training you must do long rides at this time of the year, so HTFU and start riding at least 3 hours per day on the weekends, if not more. yea, yea, yea so you think multiple fans will keep you dry, good one, you keep dreaming, they will help for sure but riding in the base zone, equals leaking like a sieve.

My point is this, that sitting in your nasty sweat for long periods of time is a formula for dis-ass-sores! Anyone that has had one of these nasty creatures knows they do not want another. So the preventive method is use more ButtonHole Chamois Cream!

Now a story for the “I do not use chamois cream” or “that stuff is BS” or “I do not need that stuff crowd”.

Pay attention. A team mate from last year, well not really a team mate, a guy that wore the same jersey and rode for himself. This guy was focused on the CX season, and because of my sweet, loving, soft spoken personality, he is not a fan of Enzo’s ButtonHole Chamois Cream. So Mr. I do not need that stuff, developed a perineal creature that made him cry like a baby when riding his bike. I found this out when I asked someone where he had been, not seeing him at a few races. I was told he has a really bad saddle sore and might need to have it cut out! As you can imagine I almost started to cry, NOT and burst into huge laughter, because of his attitude towards Enzo and the ButtonHole product. I realize this is not a laughing matter, having had my own creature cut out in 1985, Not much fun! We will just chalk this up as a karmic event. The moral is, these little bastard creatures can ruin a season! This guy was most likely going to win a state CX championship, instead had to miss enough races, loosing fitness and not winning the state jersey. Maybe next year he will win while using ButtonHole Chamois Cream.

Remember that indoor training is one way to toughen ones mind in preparation for the difficult efforts needed for the up coming race efforts, and ButtonHole Chamois Cream = Happy winter riding for everyone.

Next time we will have photo’s of the Enzo’s Psimet Master’s team kits. Racing soon stay the course.


  • Bill
    Posted at 23:35h, 05 February Reply

    I recently started using Enzo’s Chamois Cream and couldn’t agree more. I was using every square inch of the saddle trying to stay comfortable on the trainer. I’m finding I can sit still longer and more comfortably using Enzo’s.

    • Enzo
      Posted at 17:18h, 22 February Reply

      Glad to hear it Bill!

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