Whitnall Park Insanity reveals The Human Condition

20 Jul Whitnall Park Insanity reveals The Human Condition

It was made clear that I was to write and share a concept that I believe to be the foundation/crux of the Human condition. This post is not about any one person, but all of us non Enlightened beings. The Enlightened beings seem to make up a small number of humans, living on the planet at any given time. This seems to keep some sort of balance between the two states of mind. Humans that have surpassed the duality of the mind, or what I see as the human condition, will not pay attention to things such as bicycle racing or any type of competitive masturbation. This combative game, we dual thinkers play, seems to be one of the methods used, aiding us to learn more about ourselves as we move closer to this Peaceful way of thinking, or not thinking. Whitnall Park is a prime example of emotional insanity and lack of Peace competition can bring out in the dual thinker.

Let’s look at the attacking nature of dual thinkers, we are nothing more than animals with a frontal lobe, in other words, reasoning animals. As one of my teachers has said, we traded our fur coats for this frontal lobe, then he laughs. This is funny because the frontal lobe in the brain seems to be where our intellect operates from. Do not hold me to this all you PhD’s of brain function, you get the point. The ability to reason is what makes us different from the animals on the planet, so we think, laughter. Animals have a simple existence, they hunt, kill, eat, defecate, and procreate. There are a few exceptions, though I will not digress. Animals kill for food, a life sustaining kill to stay alive. Sometimes after the kill, while eating their prey, another hungry animal comes along and a fight ensues. The larger stronger animal wins this fight and is now less hungry.

Does the hungry smaller weaker animal think/reason about why this other animal kicked his ass, stealing his meal? No, he goes on hunting, not caring in any way since they have no concept of right or wrong. This is where the confusion of the frontal lobe comes into play. Humans created the idea of rules. We have all sorts of rules and are constantly breaking these rules. Example, is it wrong for me to take the filets out of your grocery basket after you have paid for them? Why? I am hungry and need to eat and you want to debate that we are not animals, laughter.

If the two humans fighting at Whitnal Park where not fighting over staying alive, why were they fighting? Because they wanted to be right, which dual thinkers believe creates happiness. What evoked this confrontation was the ego getting paid, its sustenance, the juice. Being right was so important to these humans, their animal DNA took over and common sense disappeared. This is the ego in full bloom. The problem is, once their actions came to a halt in the solitude of their thoughts, they started to think about the insanity. How they were attacked, how they should have done something different, a mental gyration that the ego needs to survive, increasing its hold on the True being. So the result of this mental gyrating is anger, guilt, and judgement, the juice of the ego. This juice does not make us feel good about ourselves and has no value. If you want to argue the statement of no value, put your ego in freakin check, we are not finished yet, laughter.

This is what I call the flip flop. We as dual thinkers, are all effected by this thought process, the majority or humans which are still in duality. Duality equals the ego existence. Enlightenment is when a Human surpasses this ego state. So what remains if there is no ego? A Loving being, the creation of GOD — the complete reconnection with the source, for the people that do not like the GOD word. I am convinced we are pure loving beings, plagued with the human condition, duality, the ego, the flip flop in our thinking. The animal is the ego, the Real Being is complete Love, thus my statement, Enlightened Beings will not pay much attention to bicycle racing or competition. If they did, they would see it as an entertainment, not taking sides or caring which team won the game. There could be no sides when outside dualistic thinking. We are all the same, even if we are not Enlightened. Take away the mind and body, what remains is the same energy.

The ego does not like to hear this kind of talk or concept, this is why: When one begins to look inward at themselves and others, the ego, being incredibly clever and crafty, realizes its stronghold could now been weakened. You see, the main function of the ego is to usurp or dethrone God. Here is why I say this. Look at the sacrifices we make, we bring each other to the sacrificial alter on a daily basis. This is difficult to explain so please bear with me.

Someone does something to me that I do not like and take exception to. I have an emotional rise which starts a negative thought about this person. The extent of the thought will vary depending on the action, this is the start of the sacrifice. The ego takes this thought and says, if I offer this person to GOD for their wrong doing, then GOD will focus on the offender and not judge me, or may give me a pass. This is the way the ego thinks. In our minds we do not hear the thoughts this way, if we did, we would clearly see the insanity and would never allow the action or thought. As I proof read this I am laughing, because GOD does not judge. This is a man-made/ego concept, the ego does the judging which creates guilt, anger, and other negative emotions, the juice. As beings of Pure Love, there is nothing to judge. Remove the mind and body, the remaining energy is the same in all of us. Again the ego literally hates this idea or concept, and will dismiss it, laughter.

DNA and conditioning (parental and societal conditioning) are real in the dualistic thought process, anger, fights, wars, shootings, happen because of the ego thought process. It does not have to be this way. I can only work on myself, which is a good start. This hopefully will manifest into more of us looking for a different way to perceive our travels through the movie of life.

So the point of this post is this: The daily insanity we are experiencing can be perceived in a Peaceful manor if we are willing to look inward and ask for help, help to see things differently. The Dalai Lama uses the kiss principle, he says simply, Be Kind.
I really enjoy his simple take on life, Be Kind. Laughter. Yes this is Wayne saying “Be Kind”. I am trying to always see from this point of view, failing more than succeeding, though sometimes finding nirvana.

Good luck to anyone who looks inward since it is not always a pretty picture that one finds. Lastly the ego only wants us to look in the past and into the future. The reason is Real Power exists here and now, the present. Past and future help the ego create more juice like guilt, the fuel for dislike and anger towards ourselves and others.

Remember, being happy is definitely more peaceful then being right! How are wars started? Two sides wanted to be right and change the way the other thinks, do it my way or I will kill you!!! WTF, I have tried this method and it does not work, it only created more unhappiness.

Also do not forget this is my blog, you came here to read it. I did not force you in any way to read this post or believe it, laughter.


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