Enzo’s Boycott

14 Jan Enzo’s Boycott

Now that 2013 Cyclocross Nat’s are history, it is time for the update. After my decision to boycott USAC in 2013, many of my friends sent me e-mails regarding this. Some were questions asking for additional details, some telling me this was a stupid, that I was missing the point. Some making sure I understood the UCI is in charge and USAC really has nothing to do with Big George and Zabriski, having National jersey that could be tainted, being licensed by the UCI. This is a subject I am more than happy to talk about, in person, with anyone who would like to understand why I have taken such exception with USAC.

With that being said, the e-mail that kept rining in my mind was from Adam Myerson. Adam basically said I would have a more positive impact by racing, if you are not around, people are not able to hear what you are saying or care, and why should they?

As I watched one of my friends win my age group at CX nationals and think to myself, is Adam right? Is there any positive impact by me not racing, and the answer is no. USAC does not care if I am racing. The people that normally finish behind me are, most likely happy I am not around, and most important, what is this doing to help change the way USAC thinks. The answer is absolutely nothing. So to Adam Myerson and my other friends that cared enough to send their opinion’s, I thank you.

What I am saying is in order for me to impact our sport in a positive manor, I need to be in the trenches.

I have a feeling this is going to be a large dose of humble pie, but here goes. Though I have no fitness,¬†Louisville here I come! That is correct, though I have not been racing or training and weighing in at one hundred and large lbs., I will ride in the Master’s qualifier for worlds. Lets see, that gives me two weeks to become fit, laughter, like that is going to happen. More like two weeks to prepare mentally for an ass whipping! I hope this will serve me well, seeing the race from a different prospective.

This also means I will be racing USAC road events this year. Continuing to help racers improve by coaching, which never stopped, and most of all, continued sponsorship to many racers and racing teams. I hope this is good news for my team mates, Thanks for listening, see you CCC racers in Louisville, and congratulations to all who raced in Madison.


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