Enzo’s Pain Cave Cream Giveaway

03 Jan Enzo’s Pain Cave Cream Giveaway

For those of us that live in a place where something called “Snowmageddon” can occur, the time to spend hours and hours on indoor trainers or rollers is upon us. The winter training months are some of the most important for the bike racer, setting up the foundation of fitness for your summer.

Many struggle to get as much saddle time on the trainer as they’d like to.  For most of the year, the changing scenery on quiet country roads is as much motivation as anyone needs to get time in the saddle.  While on your trainer though, the scenery is whatever room you’re in. The trainer really is a test of one’s willpower. There are fewer distractions from the pain in your lungs, legs, and saddle (and don’t forget that riding on a trainer is even more of a reason to use chamois cream).  Setting up a training center is almost an art. How creative are you?

Enzo wants to see how you set your “pain cave” up and is going to give away some free chamois cream to the best setup as voted by YOU.


1. Like Enzo’s Page

Go to the Enzo Facebook page and become a fan if you aren’t already (or just click “like” above).

2. Take Picture of Your Paincave

Show us where you are becoming strong this winter with a snapshot of your trainer setup and upload it to facebook. You have until the end February.

3. Tag Enzo’s Page in That Photo

Then tag Enzo’s Facebook Page (how to tag pages in photos) in the photo of your paincave.

4. Have Your Friends Vote

Get your friends to vote on your photo by getting them to “like” it.

5. Win

The 3 people with the most likes on their picture will get 1 -8 oz jar of the new improved Buttonhole formula.


-Each user can only win once. If you have more than one image, only one will be counted. Make it count!
-Enzo’s page must be tagged in the image for it to count.
-The image must be yours and of your setup. No cheating!
Contest ends at the end of February.

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