ENZO’S / PSIMET MASTER’S Winter Training Update

18 Jan ENZO’S / PSIMET MASTER’S Winter Training Update

Now that the holidays are behind us, the winter training season is well under way. By now you have heard the news that Enzo’s has teamed up with Psimet forming a number of different teams. The 8 person squad that will be called Enzo’s/Psimet Elite Master’s is not really elite, just a bunch of riders like the rest of everyone we know. So what are these 8 riders doing in the winter months to improve for this road season? Well, we have all been doing different things, any activity that keeps our minds off the bike. Basketball, swimming, weight lifting, indoor rock climbing, yoga, running, and snow shoeing. There are always exception to the rule and 1 or 2 of the players have to ride their bike’s or they die! This is not me by the way, I love taking a little rest from my bike while I eat and allow the old body to gain some weight, fat that is.

Now that the weight gaining season is over, I have moved into a very specific routine, lifting weights with the intention of gaining as much strength and power as a 52 year old body can, without causing serious injury.

I have done this type of lifting many winters, having to make adjustments in the last few years like, how much weight to lift, length of recovery between sets, how many sets and reps, and days of rest. I mix the lifting concept with many hours of base riding inside on the trainer. That is correct, I said many hours on the trainer, going nowhere fast sometimes riding myself into a comatose state. The preferred method of distraction is to watch old bike races, turning off the sound of Phil and Paul’s voices while cranking music in the man cave.

This brings me to my latest complaint directed to the universal power, God if you will. I Love my family, a real blessing, three daughters that are awesome, all gifted and work out as hard as anyone I know, but I must ask WHY?

Why when they work out in my, once private man cave, do they insist on putting the women’s touch in this once testosterone infested area? These feminine adjustments hit at the strangest times. Example, I am about to do my 5th set on leg press with the weight being enough that heavy metal stimulation is appropriate. I hit disk #5 on the CD player for the, special big weight music, only to hear at full volume, Debussy’s Clair de lune, or a Brahms cello concerto, I like big butt’s! How about movies in the DVD player like, Traveling pants, how to loose a guy in 7 days, chick flicks in the man cave, crazy. The one that gets me most is women’s clothes laying all over the man cave, a sport bra here, a pair of underwear there, old water bottles left behind. Why I ask? So enduring these distraction, I keep my nose to the grindstone, knowing that the spring will be here soon. Long outdoor training rides in cooler temps, exposing ourselves to hard bonks, relentless pace lines, and attacks on all elevation changes, I need to stay focused, blocking out the girls indirect taunts and attempts at softening me.

Having digressed the rest of the team have been reporting good results from their indoor training. By the sound of these reports, we could be quite competitive in 2011, but like I always say, our sport it is called bike racing, not bike winning. Everyone hang in there, the warmer days are not too far off, April is about 75 days, so keep working hard. Enzo wants your best training efforts, lets keep the Illinois, Wisconsin, and all the Midwest teams striving to be the best group of racers and riders in the country. Top 3 club teams this year will be tough to top, but the bar has been reset, thanks to xXx Racing, Half Acre Cycling, and
Bouledogue Tout Noir. Congratulations and thank you for the home town Awesomeness!!

Speaking of home town awesomeness, I have to thank Louis Puig at A.L.L Masonry Construction Co., Karrie at Village Pedaler, Specialized, Psimet Custom Wheels, Clarksville Schwinn, Tradesmith, and Dr. Kearn for their support. Without their help, the team might not have happened. Thank you again.

See you at a local climbing gym or on the road in the spring.


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