Enzo’s Team Additions for 2013

29 Mar Enzo’s Team Additions for 2013

It seems the time is right to make a few announcements with regard to the Enzo’s racing squad. We have added a few people to the roster this season, though it was not my intention to add anyone, it kind of just happened. First we regret the departure of Gene Tolli from the squad. We hope Gene is happy wherever he ends up and will be an asset wherever he goes.

On to the new faces. First we seem to have raided the Mack cookie jar! That is correct, we have two smack’s now racing for Enzo’s. Who would have thought, certainly I would have never predicted this.
Don Lowe and Neil Thomas will be in play this year, we welcome both of them to their new home.

Our other two boys are younger’s, that is they are both in their thirties! Enzo welcomes, Vic Rentas and Erik Tomlinson to the squad. These are two boys that love to suffer and will fit in nicely.

The last new member is not a very good racer, but a fine addition. Village CycleSport is Enzo’s new shop sponsor. On the new kits, when chasing us in races, you will see clearly who we represent. Thank you Joe, Joe, and Vince for the consideration.

Enzo Loves Lucky Brake Bikes, recommends and thanks them. Anyone close to Crystal Lake area needs to get to know this bike shop. Geographic’s plays a large part in my choice to switch shops.

The rest of the Holes, you know who they are. Our mission is to, well everyone will have to watch and respond as our mission unfolds. Talking about what our goals are is lame, leading by example is the more desirable concept.

So look for the new kits out there in a few weeks time. New team members, new kit design, new shop, new season. Lets have some fun training, racing and following the rules of the road, which leads to a safer riding experience.


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