No Racing for 1 Year – Taking a Stand

25 Oct No Racing for 1 Year – Taking a Stand

I know many of you will see this choice as useless, only hurting myself. The fact is, I agree with Greg LeMond and feel we need to take a stand which sends the governing body, USA Cycling, a clear message. It is time to rebuild the foundation of our sport. Too many racers have lost site of what is important, breaking the skin for what? Increased pain and suffering driven by ignorance! No one can convince me that cheating creates peace of mind and happiness. It may seem this way in the beginning, though it is only a matter of time before it becomes a huge burden of guilt and self loathing, or in Lance’s case, an entire life’s work based on lies.

Though I do not agree with the witch hunt focusing on only Lance, he demanded the position of quarterback, and the buck seems to have stopped there! His ex-team mates that rolled over on him need to be eliminated from the sport as well, if you ask me.

To the point of my post. I have decided to not race my bike until the 2014 season! Many are going to think, “this is stupid, you are a master’s racer, no one cares what you do”. I say that is not the point, this is MY way of telling USA Cycling and my peers, I will no longer be a customer of a business that is run in this manor. I will continue to ride my bike and enjoy the sport without supporting the BS going on in the head of USA Cycling.

Not a sacrifice? BS, not only do I love racing my bike, on the road and in CX, but 2013 was going to be my best chance at winning National’s in Cyclocross, and possibly finding another national jersey on the road. Being on top in the 55+ rankings, so what, these potential accomplishments mean nothing in a sport where cheating is common place. Admittedly, I always enjoyed hearing one of my team mates tell me, I heard so and so said you are doing drugs. My response was always F them, that I have done my homework well, knowing I am clean. Maybe they should work harder instead of spewing their sewage.

Anyway, I can only hope that USA Cycling steps up to clean up the mess. A good start would be to life time ban all from the sport that have cheated or rolled over on team mates, saving themselves from just punishment for their own crimes and poor choices.

Please wake up USA Cycling!

Sorry Enzo, I know this is going to hurt the Master’s team this season.

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