ABD Sunrise Park 2011 — Cyclocross Report

24 Oct ABD Sunrise Park 2011 — Cyclocross Report

Sam Schnider on my tail as we make our way through the brutal "6-pack"

Sam Schneider on my tail as we make our way through the brutal "6-pack"

Enzo is slowly regaining a reasonable level of fitness, feeling coherent enough to write the race report on Monday. Maybe it is time to double up, maybe not! This will not be a normal race report, the 50+ races are not very exciting so the focus will be on Enzo’s highlights.

50+ race, the whistle blows and Danny, I go too hard in the starts, Warner takes the hole shot again, we exchange the lead 2 times in the first half lap. I attack on the false flat in the back section, establish a gap and that was the race. Well as far as the 50’s race. Now for Enzo’s highlight, upon catching the women’s leader Samantha Schneider, I pass on the left and tell Sam to get on, that the second place 50+ guy will not be catching her today, laughter. We have 2.5 laps to race and I go hard in the headwind sections where Sam reaps the full benefit of the draft. Being a great road racer, she feels right at home in this position and we are setting some nice lap times. One lap to go and it is clear she will not be caught, I am thinking how much fun this has been as we go over the cruel 6 barrier section, thanks Jim Nowak. We exit the last small wooded section keeping

ABD Sunrise Park

Sam nipping me for the sprint at the end of our races Sunday.

the pace really fast through the technical turns when Sam decides to take the lead. I then realize she is setting me up for the sprint, yes indeed, we exit the final turn and Sam nails the gas pedal beating me by a solid bike length. This is awesome, I am laughing as we cross the line being bested by a 22 year old women. Lucky for me I do not have a problem with this, I am sure there are many guys that would take exception. Remember this young woman has National championships, yes multiple jerseys, and has been a pro roadie for a number of years, not your average women rider.

Back in time a few hours to the 40+ race, where Enzo had two teammates racing; the Karlow brothers Bob and Brian(aka chain tool). Brian is a young racer only in his second road season and first real CX season. His nick name ChainTool derives from always having to dick around with his chain during CX races. He bought a new bike this year and started racing it without having it set up correctly. It seems this bike has a propensity to throw the

Bob Karlow making his way through the woods section.

chain, mostly during races while Brian is in the lead group. Not so funny when it happens to you, I told him to cut the course next time, a technique used by some other racers we know. OK, that was a low blow, but until someone can explain what happened during the 40+ race, we will stick with the only assumption that makes sense. Too many people were asking about this incident for it to be sour grapes, I hope it is a misunderstanding. Either way Karma is a real power we humans are all subject to, laughter, and I apologize for the digression.

Enzo’s highlight #1 Bob Karlow being back in a CX race, seeing him suffering like a dog with two laps to go. I could see his lower back was tightening and yelled “welcome to CX, how that is lower back feeling!”, laughter. I will not write his response, use your imagination.

Enzo’s highlight #2 ChainTool living up to his name, being dropped from the chase group having to get off his bike and fondle his chain, again.

Highlight #3 Bryan Rheude and Pony Shop’s domination of this race.

30+ race turned into a 2 man battle when Tim Boundy (ex-Pres), a Karlow nickname for Tim being our old team captain, attacked Lou Kuhn( Pony Shop Avatar) and Scott Aragoni (Verdigris). Enzo’s Highlight The attack dislodging Scott and turned the race mono  mono, with Lou besting Tim in the final sprint. A fun battle to watch though Enzo would have kept his team mate for as long as possible forcing Lou to do the attacking. What do I know!

Nick Ramirez

Nick making his way through the turns with his next victim in site.

Cat 3 race, Nick Ramirez and Tim Special, new road cat 2’s and 66% of the Enzo’s Cat 1-2 road team, are racing today. Highlight Every lap when these two pass the Enzo’s tent in the back section, I make them attack any riders with them on the uphill. They are dropping people like a bad date and I know their heart rates are screaming going into the barrier section, laughter, welcome to CX boys. You raced very well.

The moral of these highlights is this; The energy of the CCC races is really high and mostly positive. Thanks to many starting with Jason Knauff who loves Enzo, Ok that may not be entirely true, but we do respect each other. Jason has the CCC running as close to perfect as any person could, and Enzo thanks you for your contribution to our sport.

Jim Nowak and ABD for another great CX course, as well the increased prize list, awesome touch.

Rob Curtis and Psimet Custom Wheels for the generous support allowing the Enzo’s crew and others to ride these awesome wheels.

Tim Speciale

Tim "enjoying" his first CX race of 2011

Highlight Thank you to all that come to race and entertain at the same time. Receiving their endorphin fix then being great spectator/hecklers. It is nice leaving any event with a great feeling, I credit this to the positive energy of the spectacle we call the CCC race series.

Come by Enzo’s Tent at Campton Cross Sunday for a free application of our New Embro or Oil Sticks. Heidi has gloves and is a massage expert. She will be giving free pre race warm up massages while applying the Embro heat of your choice.

Until next week, safe training and riding.


Welcome to Cyclocross, Nick

Jason Knauff and Jim Brady

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