Carpentersville – One crazy weekend

21 Oct Carpentersville – One crazy weekend

Enzo was quite conflicted entering the CCC’s first two race weekend of the season. Here was the agenda in a perfect world. Train late afternoon Tuesday, work 2 hours Wednesday, ride late morning Wed, drive to Indianapolis to pick up Nicole continuing on to the Red River Gorge for some rock climb the next two days. First twist, the weather was not cooperating; rain was in the forecast for Slade, KY Wednesday and Thursday.

The early rain eventually gave way for some awesome climbing with Nicole.

We opt to drive to KY on Thursday instead, great call since the climbing was not great in the huge storms hitting the area on Wednesday. We arrive in KY on Thursday evening and it is still raining, we grab a few slices of the famous pizza at Miguel’s. Instead of setting up the tent in the rain, we used back of the TDI for sleeping. Waking up in the am, we both agreed this was a good call since it poured most of the night. Waking up before most at the campsite, we make our way to the crag, The Great Arch, which is a cool overhanging small area where we find ourselves alone, nice. Nicole has had huge climber’s stoke, politely asking if I want to climb first, I laugh responding, “You’re the one chomping at the bit, you’re in”. She grabs the draws, ties in, and hops on the warm up route, a 5.9 with 3 stars in the guide book. She smoothes it and I can see she has been training hard. I get on it next not touching any plastic holds or rock since Easter, when we last climbed together at Devil’s Lake. I was excited, having a nervous feeling in my stomach, not normal for me when climbing. A few bolts later and I was feeling right at home again. Next, Nicole climbs some 5.10 something and kills this route as well, no surprise. I follow her lead and do the same. By the end of the day we climb at three different areas, adding Johnny’s and Tectonic walls to the tick list. This was worth every minute of the 7 hour drive, and certainly a highlight of the weekend, climbing with Nicole in the Red, this is a fathers dream, right?


Rachel at the conference championship in 20mph winds.

Now I will drive 7 hours home arriving at in Barrington about 1:00 am. Rachel is racing cross country at 10:00 Saturday, while Nicole will stay at the Red, climbing two more days with her friends. This is the conference championship for Rachel, who has been working really hard for the last 3 seasons, this girl loves running and I love to watch her race. She has a good day even with the wind gusts hitting 20-30 mph, finishing 12th and 3rd for Barrington.

Awesome job kid. The awards ceremony lasts to 1:00 and I need to find an hour nap somewhere before 4:00. We are host housing the Schneiders from Wisconsin and they will be back at the house after the PsycoCross CCC race.

After a failed nap attempt, I hear Dave in the kitchen and walk downstairs to be social. I am feeling the lack of sleep, and know I need to ride my bike in order not to suck tomorrow in Carpentersville. This does not happen; we talk for a few hours about all things bike racing. Time for me to cook dinner for the large group that has grown because a few of Rachel’s teammates have come over as well.  7:30, I grab a quick shower and ask if Dave want’s to come with us to OctDruberfest. Correct, this is the OctDruberfest weekend, and since I missed it last year, I could not bag it, though Doughty did a no show, nice Tom. Down to the city we go at 8:15 and party until 12:30. It was a good group with great food stuffs, mostly prepared by Druber, who knows his way around the kitchen. Thanks for a great time Drubers.

Another post 1:00am bed time for the old guy, lucky for me the 50+ race starts at 10:47. Get up at 7:00, pack the car while drinking my cups of coffee, we head to the race venue. Mentioning to Samantha that I have no desire to race my bike at this moment, she laughs and says, “That will change soon”. We find a nice parking spot for both cars and proceed to get ready. Sam and I race at the same time, with Skylar racing a few hours later. Finally I am on my bike trying to figure how the body will respond not riding since Wednesday, hiking with a pack, rock climbing, running around the CC race, parting at Druber’s and having minimal sleep and I suspect it might not be good.

The large hill west of the course is my warm up area and I do 3 hard repeats raising my heart rate quite high. Actually, I do not feel bad or good and will have to wait until we are racing to find out how the day will end.

I will not pre ride the course, since there is quite a bit of mud. My plan is to follow Danny Warner’s wheel for a lap or two.  We get the whistle and Danny goes 100% gaining the hole shot, perfect, as I sit on him laughing. Danny is going about as fast as he can, forcing me to ask myself, is he really feeling that good? The answer is no, and he starts leaking oil the first time through the muddy corn field section. I take the lead with John Shull (Alberto’s) on my wheel. Little do I know we have gapped Danny, as I ask John take a pull while taking a little rest, then return to the pace making. John is riding well and I have settled in nicely, now it is time to push the pace in the mud section, testing John fitness. Gaining a gap, the gas pedal is down and it is time to catch Samantha, if I can. This takes a few laps and as I pass her, we exchange a few kind words then continue going as hard as we can. It is all about training now, and I have a little catching up to do missing so many days.

Skylar on her way to 1st

At the end of the day I am quite happy that the old body responded as well as it did. Now it is time to relax with the Psimet crew and watch Skylar race. I loaned Skylar a set of Rob’s PsiClo Cross carbon wheel sets to for her race on. Check out the photo, Skylar was going so fast the mud could not stick to the tires, and she easily won her race. A clean sweep for the Enzo house must have been the pasta dinner, or the Psimet Wheels.


Sorry for the late report, Enzo has had a very difficult week, recovering enough to not sound completely stupid. I hope everyone is excited for the ABD race Sunday, I am. See everyone then.


Some full size shots from this weekend

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