Enzo’s/PSIMET Elite Master’s 2011 Team

21 Sep Enzo’s/PSIMET Elite Master’s 2011 Team

The road season is officially over and it is time for Enzo to talk about the teams 2011 overall results. I could go into the many wins and podiums the boys found this season, though I think the general outlook will be enough. While we never reached our big goal, which I will not share with you, the team far exceeded my expectations. This may sound like a contradiction, I assure it is not. We were a first year team comprised of new and old racers, racers that have never really been on a team that works for their team mates as hard as they do for themselves. This selfless commitment created a dynamic that frustrated opposing teams and racers during the 2011 season. I believe this to be very positive for Midwest road racing, Enzo’s/Psimet leading by example.

The concept is simple, other teams will be forced to organize and race in the same fashion if they want to compete. Yes, the talented individual racer can beat a team here and there, but as that team develops their skills, those wins will become more difficult to find. Team racing is more difficult in many ways than just taking care of yourself and Enzo hopes everyone has a chance to experience this, sooner than later.

Back to the boys; after 4 weeks of racing, we started to figure out a few things, making a few adjustments which seemed to help. It was the middle of Superweek before I felt the trust between the players was established. This is when we really started firing on all cylinders, with 4 of the seven finding the podium on a regular basis. Our next improvement/change for 2012 is for every team member to find the podium. Additional threats off the front will make us more dangerous as a team, and I am looking forward to these changes.

So to all the other players out there, enjoy the CX season, because the road season is going to be even more difficult in 2012. The team hopes you all step your game up another notch, forcing us to have to do the same. Together, through positive and safe competition, we are helping each other become better racers.

Watch for Enzo’s new Cat 1-2 squad in 2012. A small group that may make a little noise, or may not.

Now it is time for Cyclocross, Jackson Park on Sunday. Enzo is happy to have had a nice 2 week rest, though it will make the first month of cross very difficult, not being in good form. Whatever, the CX season lasts to the third week of January. My guess is, anyone that is really sharp now, will not be flying in January, laughter.


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