Geneva Superweek

10 Jul Geneva Superweek

After racing in the Wisconsin State Criterium Championship on Saturday, I was not sure the Enzo’s squad could match the perfect execution on consecutive days. We would have 6 racing today, Zauner, Jaggi, Both Karlow’s, Tolli, and Enzo.The field had a few racers that we would need to watch with the rest being local talent. The course was altered from 2011 but was still very technical in nature. After being on the asphalt twice in the last 6 weeks, Enzo would be more cautious than normal in the back section of the course.

Thanks to Elizabeth Rangel for the awesome photos

I told Bob on the line I would go hard on off the whistle to see if an early solo break would work. I am usually not a fan of this tactic but on technical courses it sometimes works well, like the 2012 Glencoe GP. I am brought back early in lap 2 and the pack is racing full gas. Bob Karlow attacks a few laps later and holds it for a 1 lap, then a counter attack which also does not stick. It is about 10 laps of this before we slow down for the first time in the race.

With about 28 laps remaining, I can feel the group slowing slightly again and see an Enzo’s rider on the front. From the back of the pack I follow a wheel to the middle then launch an attack after turn two, wanting to be first into the technical section. I have a nice gap because of the help from my team mates and before the last turn, Pat Briggs joins me. This is good because Briggs will pull the same pace as I am as we keep the throttle on high. 3 laps later and we have a few trying to bridge, one of which is an Enzo’s rider David Jaggi. The two others are Brent from Canada, and Fleck(Team Mack). I was told that Brent was a good TT guy which means we could have the correct group for a successful break.

Knowing that the ‘Holes are blocking in the field, I tell the group this and that we need to extend the gap. With 18 lap to go Canada is not working but still rolling through, so I tell him to take longer pulls, then I hear Briggs tell him the same. Another short/no pull and I decide to test him attacking after his no pull. I ride solo for a lap and the group forced Canada to close it down. When they returned I said to him, start working or I would continue these attacks.

Amazing how fast he decided to pull the same as the rest of the group after this. Now we are gaining time, about 50 seconds on the field when we see a crash in the second technical turn, it is Gary Doring down with someone supporting his neck/head. I could see he did not look good, to me his face looked like he was in already in shock. We are still rolling when the race is neutralized and I say this is not good, Gary looked like he was really hurt. The guys said they thought he look OK, but I have seen enough serious injuries to realize this was not the case. I have only heard the rumblings that Gary may have broken his leg again, which totally sucks. Brian Karlow also crashed being on Gary’s wheel, but he was not hurt, the usual road rash and a skin suit donation to the trash. I hope Gary is not hurt to badly.

So we have a 30 minute delay for good reason with Gary going straight to the hospital. Upon the restart we will have 5 laps to race. I tell the boys that Briggs is the sprinter of the group and we need to attack hard. With one lap to go Brent lays down a hard tempo, Jaggi counters this and Fleck welds that move. Briggs moves to the right and is watching the group carefully. I get in his blind spot and counter going into the second to last turn. My thought was to force Pat to chase me giving Ward the perfect lead out to the last corner. This is what happens except when Pat passes me there is no Enzo on his wheel, I dig hard to get on as he gasses it out of the final corner taking the win. I am not happy how this played out, three of us in the break and we loose the race! Though we did take 2nd, 3rd and 4th, at the end of the day, Enzo’s riders in the break screwed the pooch.

Behind us, Bob and Michael Zellman (ScarletFire Racing) were two man TT’ing well in front of the pack with Bob finishing 7th, Gene taking 9th and Brian finishing in the money as well after crashing. Nice effort Brian. So the next race will be Richton Park, I will be flying the Enzo flag solo today.

Also I have to say, who ever sent the bullshit letter out about Superweek and ABR, you are a coward hiding behind a cheap shot post on you computer. HTFU and grow a set!

Happy and safe riding.


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