GGP The rest of the story

18 Aug GGP The rest of the story

At my desk sitting with a cup of joe, yum, and sore legs from last nights throwdown, I will attempt an accurate recall of the GGP 30+ race. My perspective might be somewhat skewed going from winning the 45+ to being a pack fodder, so here comes the Enzo tangent.

I normally will race two races for two reasons, I am addicted to the 50+ races, and my other team mates are 40+ so I like to domestic for them in the second race. Glencoe’s new course, the heat and humidity, and the hard effort that Druber and company forced out of me in the 45+ race was going to de-fang the cobra gene in me during race #2.

I line up in Bob Uecker’s favorite position, the front rooow and see the usual suspects with the exception of 1 Andy Crater and his team mate Diego Garavito riding for Aerocat, racing in kits that are easy to spot. The whistle blows and we are off settling into 15th spot with Bob Karlow a few places in front of me, perfect. Racing a few laps the group is rolling well with guys trying to move up, everyone seems to be riding with level heads, cool. About 5 laps in there is a 2 man break that is gaining ground maybe 7-10 seconds, which does not seem like much, but one of these guys is Crater’s teammate. On a technical course this could be a problem, since my guy Karlow is not up there and Crater is blocking perfectly. Crap, I have to burn a match and roll to the front between turns 1-2, saying to Andy, I have to bring this back, and he replies, No don’t do that, let them go. Sorry Andy it’s racing as I twist the throttle, telling him there is not enough green in that break, by the start / finish line I roll up to them. Now I feel like, well not great and proceed to move backwards into foddersville. Sitting in 30-35th place I recover always keeping an eye on the front of the race. Everything looks good, Karlow is hanging in the top 10 and I can see by his pedal stroke he is feeling good.

Psych, I can hang out where it is easy, tons of draft, now I must digress.

I hear INSIDE about 10 meters from a tight corner and no room for another bike, here comes Ryan White, dive bombing the turn like it is the last lap and he is fighting for a good position in the sprint. The only issue is he is moving from 38th to 34th and just sitting there. No big deal until he does this 2 more times and now guys are bitching. I have not raced much with Ryan and I know he is very experienced so I am wondering what he is thinking. Anyway I ask him why he is willing to risk crashing the group when he has no intention of going to the front, racing his bike. He just gives me the stare but Kudos to Ryan, that was the last time he did that in the race.

OK, now we are at 5 laps to go and the legs are starting to be empty but I see Brian Karlow, who is in his first real master’s race and bark at him to move up. Brian works his way to the front and the two Bro’s are drilling it at the front. 1 lap later Brian is by me in 30th and I see Bob attack really hard off the out turn 9, gaining about 8 seconds. Thanks Gene Tolli who was on Bob’s wheel and did not respond to the move. this is now a problem since I have a responsibility to go to the front and block for my guy. Where is Ward but he is feeling the effects of a second race also and I tell Brian to go to the front. Brian, being right in front of me just sits there, and I yell at him to move up right now, he slowly responds only to find our window is now closed. I wait another lap and move to the front between turns 1-2, the start of the technical section. Gaining control of the field I slow down through turn 2.3, slightly drill it to turn 4 and 5, and give it full gas on the hill. I hold the front spot through turn 8 when the body says, you are done, and sit up. Bobby has at least 12-14 seconds Diego attacks alone bridging up to Bob. The entire pack passes me and I am going 15 mph deciding to DNF, my work is done and I want to see my guy win. I signal the referee on the motorcycle that I am out and he says come on there is only 1 lap left, so I bring it back up to 24 and roll a lap alone.

Bob and Diego hold off the field with Diego besting my guy in the end for the W. Bob said once Diego made contact he pulled a few times and than sat on, knowing Crater would most likely win the field sprint. Bob is now forced to make a difficult decision and makes the correct choice, drilling it at the front. Check the finish photo, Bob really makes the Colombian dig deep in the sprint. Great racing Bob.

Anyway now you have the full recap, from one man’s perspective. See everyone in Winfield


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