Glencoe Grand Prix 30+ (2011)

29 Jun Glencoe Grand Prix 30+ (2011)

Before I get started, I have to summarize the 45+ race. Being really tired writing the report Monday, I need to give the balance of the Love to my team boys. As stated, any one of us could have won that race and I was not joking. David Jaggi finished 4th, Ward Zauner 5th and Marc Zionts 18th. Finishing 1-4-5 is quite amazing for a state championship race, great racing boys.

Not much time to put my feet up between the 45+ podiums and friends wanting to talk. I finally make my way over to the Enzo’s tent and start to pin my numbers on my second skinsuit. By the time I do this and put it on, I have to go directly to the line because the 30+ race is staging. We are going to try to help Bob, Brian or Gene as much as we can, though I am sure Bob is our guy. Bob has been racing very well this season finishing on the podium consistently. Brian is still very green, though starting to figure out a few of the tactical tricks, while Gene has all the tactics down but seems to be a little off form. It is still a race so we will keep these 3 in our sights and help anyway we can.

The Enzo Crew working the race

The official says start on the whistle and Ryan White (Geargrinder) starts to roll away having to stop because no whistle has been blown,  I say, “that guy is from Wisconsin” loudly. The whistle sounds as I move up into the top 10 before entering turn one. I am going to sit in and follow wheels unless the boys need me. I have been told by Heidi that she wants a watch, so I will be going for the king of the hill points when they announce these sprints. The prize is a Swiss Army watch that Heidi wants to let the girls, our daughters have. I figure this will be a good tactic, keeping the race pace high on the sprint laps then slowing so no breaks form, or possibly setting up the perfect counter attack, either way my guys only have to follow wheels while saving energy. So the race stays nice and fast, I take the KOH points so that is that. Now I see a pony shop guy off the front with 5 laps to go and he is steadily opening the gap on the field, maybe 15 seconds, I move up to the front and set tempo for a full lap and bring this rogue racer back. Now my work is done and it is up to one of the other boys to help with a lead-out. Brian Karlow with two laps to go attacks and the group is forced to chase and when being caught he keeps the gas on. Bob is in a nice position for the final lap since this race is going to end in a field sprint. One lap to go the race is strung out with a split taking place on the hill section. As they enter the final turn, Cory Hickman (ScarletFire Racing) pulls a dangerous move dive bombing the inside corner while not in complete control of his bike, banging into Mike Heagney(VQ) quite hard. This moves the entire sharp end of the race abruptly to the outside of the corner, good thing Heagney is such an experienced sprinter, many others would have crashed being hit this hard.

Bob Karlow takes 3rd in the 30+

So the sprint is on with Heagney winning, Cory 2nd and Bob finishing 3rd. This is a great finish for Karlow gaining another podium, while Brian Karlow finishes 9th and Gene 15th. Three in the money, one on the podium, making for another great race for the Enzo/Psimet team.

Bob and Brian would go to race the last ToAD race in Madison on Sunday. Bob finds another podium 3rd while Brian finishes a respectful 22nd. A great racing weekend. Next up for me, the ABR WoodDale State Crit Championship, hosted by Village Cyclesport. There is also a race on Saturday in DesPlaines by Project 5 which some of the boys will attend.

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Safe riding out there boys and girls.




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