Grafton ToAD (2011)

20 Jun Grafton ToAD (2011)

Grafton is a great bike race that ToAD took over two years ago.  I made the break the first time racing here, since that time no break has stuck in the Master’s 1-2-3 race. Enzo’s had a full squad today which made me think there was a chance a break would stick. During the team meeting I told the boys we would all go for all the cash primes except Bob, leaving him a shot for the race win. None of the Z-Motion guys will let Bob go away since they are 1–2 in the overall with Bob being 3rd. They know we will not be racing the entire series but they still do not want him going up the road without them.

We line up with the field looking about 80 racers. The whistle blows and we are under way, as I move up towards the front. The pace is nice and fast 33 into the headwind start/finish straight. The course is perfect, smooth in the correct lines and really rough in a few of the incorrect lines I would stay away from the incorrect lines all day. The pace of the race is fast, not really slowing like Theinsville. By the end of the day Bob said the Garmin read 27 mph average speed. this is not bad given the headwind long finishing straight. This wind is also what I think kept a break from sticking. It was not from a lack of trying or attempts.

All Enzo’s riders are showing themselves at the front of the race from time to time. On this type of course it is the easiest and safest place to race. First $50.00 prime is called for the winner of next lap and i position myself to go to the front on the back stretch. On my way past the 20 guys in front I see Brian and as i roll past him I whisper lead out. He tells me “I am on” and I ramp up the speed going into turn 5. The normal speed in the next straight in the field has been 27-28 mph, sometimes hitting 30. The slower pace is due to the 110 degree corner (turn 6), this corner needs to be respected. I look down at the speedo and see 34 mph and I have to scrub 2 mph in order to make it through turn 6 without incident. I deliver Brian to the 200 m sign, take a look back to see a large gap, Brian takes the prime and I say lets keep rolling, so we continue to work. We are caught in the back of the course and we resume to racing in the pack. 10 laps later they call the second cash prime, again $50.00. This time Brian and Jaggi use the lead out tactic though backwards with Brian leading out Jaggi? I question this because Brian is a faster sprinter than David, at least in a drag race headwind sprint. So I keep a close eye and see big John Voigt (Lakes Area Physical Therapy) on Jaggi’s wheel then Brent Emery. This is bad for out guys and I make the effort to get on this train quietly.

Brent drops off right away which makes me happy, since he has a better turn of speed than I do. Brian pulls off and Jaggi goes full gas while Big John takes a different line to close on David. Around 50 m John has the prime so I have to dig really hard to pass him, as he thanks me for pimping him. I later told him he was pimping the Enzo leadout, and i was just doing my job, we both laughed as he agreed. So the rest of the race we all stay together, though I have tried many escape attempts that fail. The last 2 laps were quite heated and I could see Bob riding in the top 8 guys, perfect. Bob tells me that in the last corner, Grant Potter is first, his team mate Curtis is second and allows a small gap through the turn. Heagney is 3rd and Bob is 4th. Heagney beats Curtis and Bob just misses the podium by a bike throw on Curtis, finishing a respectful 4th for Enzos. Great racing Bob. Then the field sprint Jaggi get 11th, with Ward grabbing 14th.

The Enzo’s squad is racing well, considering we are up against many fast racers.

Next up is Waukesha so I end this post, go to my car, starting my drive to the race.

Thanks to Psimet for the great wheels, Specialized, well they should thank us for the free plug, laughter, A.L.L Masonry, Clarksville Schwinn, and Tim Special and Katie for the great photo’s recently.

Oh yes, and the ToAD, what a great race series, thanks Billy, Tom and the awesome crew.

Safe riding everyone.



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