Menomonee Falls Crit P/1/2/3

20 Jun Menomonee Falls Crit P/1/2/3

After a stormy morning gave way to sunny skies my teammate Tim and I decided to head up to Wisconsin to race. The race was only about a hour and a half away and the course seemed like it would be fast and fun. Before the race Tim and I talked strategy. We really wanted to use this race as training and we wanted to win. This can be hard because there is a thin line that once you cross there is no coming back. Attack too many times and you have nothing left at the end, sit in and sprint for the win and you don’t get the training you need. If you know me sitting in an sprinting is not really my style of racing. This is good for me because when I get a break other riders are willing to work because they know I am there to work.

Being a smaller local race, we decided that we want to be as active as possible. So that is just what we did. The first lap Tim and I were off the front. I think once the field realized we were both in the same kit they started to chase. It was a fast course but with the wind speeds being so fast I figured something might get away. The field caught Tim and I after a lap or two off the front. As soon as they caught us I attacked again and the field chase then Tim would attack. This happened for about the first 5-7 laps. Eventually I thought to myself nothing is going to stick early so I went and settled in the the top ten. Right when I got comfortable a crash happened. A junior from IScorp swerved to miss a pot hole and ended up causing a pretty nasty crash.

The person he crashed out was his own teammate, a masters Rider from IScorp. I was right on the Masters Rider when he crash happened and I landed on him. This was my second crash in less than a week so I was not happy either. I went to the wheel pit to check my bike over and them jumped back in. After seeing the crash I was ready to call it a day but figured I would give it another chance and see how my legs felt.

After getting back in the field. I followed a couple of wheels and a break formed. With all teams being represented I figured this move had a good chance to stick. It did and we stared to roll. There were eight of us in the break so it was a large bunch. On a course that fast the group usually has to be big for something to stick. After a couple of laps we had a nice gap and everyone was working. Everything was going smooth then as usual with three laps things started slowing down.

I pulled through pretty fast once to keep the speed high. Our gap was still big so I pulled through a again then stared figuring out what I was going to do the last lap. With one to go I attacked right before the head wind section. I kept on it for about 30 seconds as hard as I could then hit the last corner. I looked through my arms and had about a five second gap. I gassed it out of the last corner as that was all she wrote. Got the W for Enzo’s! Thanks to my team mate Tim for the help and slowing the field down so we could get away.

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