Psimet’s Fox River Grove Omnium Elgin Master’s 35+/45+ Combo

22 May Psimet’s Fox River Grove Omnium Elgin Master’s 35+/45+ Combo

Fox River Omnium - Elgin 35+ PodiumThe weekend started Friday morning for me since I was going to be driving my daughter to Eastern Illinois University at noon. Not going into the office is strange, since I normally do not take off days. I do leave early for training, but days off do not happen often.

After a long 9 hours in the car on Friday(round trip), my body is not happy to be racing today. Life happens and I will suck it up and do my best. In theory, today will be an easier day. The Master’s team will have 7 racers, that is correct 7 guys. Our plan is simple, take control of the race and own the podium. OK, this sound cocky, but it is the plan, no one said the plan would be easy. By the way, this is always the plan for the Enzo’s team having 3 on the podium, we have never completed the plan to perfection, not yet.

The race begins and someone pulls an Enzo, first lap freaking hot. I am not thrilled since my body does not want to be racing this early in the morning, 8:40 start time. I suffer 3 laps and the pace finally slows a little. Let me confirm how bad I am feeling, the field was going 27.5 – 28 mph and I was hurting, WTF. As I said, clearly time for a down week! Wow, Enzo is being a little bitch, laughter.

Being an omnium, there are overall sprint points being awarded. The first prime is called and it is for points, I nail the gas with 100m before turn 3 and Jaggi is on my wheel. After the technical turns, Dave takes the lead and we go 1-2 across the line, though I have to tell Dave easy. We have a nice gap and he wants to stay away, though I feel there is still to much energy in the group. We need to save some gas for the hill tomorrow and Dave eases off slightly. We stay away for a few laps and when caught, I think John Whipple counters, remember, Enzo “the bitch” is racing today, so the race is a blur in my mind.

What I do remember is this: as we are catching Whipple I say to Zauner, “This will be a good time to go” and he attacks. Ward is solo off the front and the chase is on. A break forms but is brought back quickly, to my surprise, Ward attacks again with Bob Karlow doing the same from the other side of the pack. I am really happy to see this watching from the back of the field. Realizing I need to move up to help them establish the gap, I see Dave Stone go across with Brian Karlow taking the free ride. I arrive at the front of the pack with a few other Enzo’s and we shut it down going into the more technical turns. The break of 3 Enzo’s, 1 ScarletFire Racing are now 15 seconds and going away. Time to go to the back and wait for the field sprint.

We receive the bell, last lap, I wait until the back section because everyone was jockeying for position in the front part of the course, which was a mistake. The place to advance is the last 100m before turn 3 which is what I do. I have the clean line going into the corner and gas it, being first into the sweeping turns. Jaggi is on my wheel and we finish in that order.

Up front the boys work it perfectly, Bob leads out Ward for the W in the 45+ race, with Bob taking 1st in the 35+, Brian 2nd. Dave gets 2nd in the 45’s. Enzo takes 2nd and Dave takes 3rd, 45+. John Whipple takes 3rd in the 35+ which gives the Enzo’s Master’s the sweep in that race. Kudos to Dave Stone for wrecking the 45+ sweep, a worthy opponent.

Next up, the hill crit from Fox River Grove, the hardest crit course ever!
Thanks to Rob Curtis (PSIMET) for resurrecting the Elgin race, and for the fast race wheels, they rock.

A very tired Enzo.

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