ScarletFire Racing’s Urbana Gran Prix Master’s 35/45+

06 May ScarletFire Racing’s Urbana Gran Prix Master’s 35/45+

Nice work John, turning Saturday's crit into a 40min individual TT for the win.

Nice work John, turning Saturday’s crit into a 40min individual TT for the win.

First team race of the season for the Enzo’s squad took place on a windy overcast mostly rain free day. I do not consider it to be raining when the road stay dry, which was the case on Sunday. The morning started out a little rough with two of the holes pulling the plug leaving the carpool a mess. Calling people on the day of a race to figure out who is driving with who sucks. This is a small problem which is easily fixed.

Bob Karlow comes up with the quick fix and we are on the road to race in Druber’s awesome event. We all bailed on the Saturday races due to the 80% rain forecast, which was accurate. John Whipple was the only Hole to represent, and represent he did! John won in style, a solo break for 40 minutes. Way to get after it John!

The Enzo’s crew would be Don Lowe, Erik Tomlinson, Bob Karlow, John Whipple, and Enzo. The race was split into two age groups, not my favorite format but kudo’s to Druber for having different numbers separating the two categories. 100’s for the 35+ and 200’s for the 45+, such a simple concept. Unfortunately, this did not help Enzo today, since I felt slightly brain dead while racing.

Summary: the obvious tactical moves were just that, but the way the winning break formed was really weird. I found myself as a worker, which I never mind doing, but this time it was a bad choice. The racer in my head kept saying bridge now, the gap is only 10 seconds. The other guy, the weak minded racer was saying no, they will chase you like a dog and you will have broken a cardinal rule of team racing!!! The rub is this, Stone Pony was the only 45+ guy in the break, which means as I am working for my teammates, I am also giving the 45+ race away, tough choice? Not really because it is team first. Besides, I liked our chances with Whipple and Karlow being in the break. I though it would come down to Bob and Todd Hancock in the final which was going to be a great sprint battle. Problem was, two of the guys in the second break, only 5 seconds from the first three were not working. Bob was helping a little but not all in, which is correct. Have a guy up the road, why help two douche bags get a free ride and bridge to the winning break? Bob finally tells them either start pulling or we are going back. So after 3 laps of this, they return to the group and I am left racing for second place. Oh well, that is how it goes sometimes.

So the three guys stay away. I throw a timely attack as soon as the Karlow group comes back, with one dead weightier on my wheel. Bob said someone did not like this and killed himself to close it down, with the group finishing it off. Next it was a text book move by Erik Tomlinson! Counter attack solo, so I stay at the front stalling through the technical turns in the back section of the course. Erik’s quick 10 seconds turned into, out of sight out of mind, and he was gone, Nice. The rest of the race was now a training ride for me, though I was scolded later, not sprinting for team cash. Sorry boys for loosing my head.

So at the end of the day, we end up 2nd(Whipple), 3rd(Tomlinson), and 5th (Karlow) in the 35+. While Don and I brought zero to the table, well not in effort, but in winnings. Both the old guys worked well today. As a team I am extremely pleased with our result. Being our first race together, having two new guys, I thought we raced very well as a unit.

Congratulations to Dave Stone(ScarletFire Racing) for winning the 45+ this year. Dave is always working these races, setting up barriers at six AM, and any other grunt work that needs to be done, so winning your teams event is always a bonus. Besides, Dave is the only ScarletFire guy we like.

I know, blah blah blah, now for the really story. Freaking Psimet tubular wheels kick ass! After riding training wheels all year, I finally strapped on my race wheels, and they are awesome, thanks Rob. Also thank you to A.L.L. Masonry for another year of support, Louis you rock dude. The crew at Village CycleSport also has stepped up to help Enzo’s this season, thank you for all the small things that people do not notice, like our cool Bell Helmets and the Ryder glasses. Druber, Billy Stone, and the ScarletFire crew, in spite of the weather, you guys run a great event, thank you for the effort. Some day people will realize these are great courses, and a very well run event weekend. Where were all the Chicago teams, again? Freaking lame people, next year get your asses off the training rides and to these races, you are missing out.

It looks like Monster’s is next up for the Holes, see you all there.


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