Season’s Greetings From Nick Ramirez

04 Dec Season’s Greetings From Nick Ramirez

So last weekend was the Illinois State Cyclocross Championship at Montrose Harbor. This is my first year doing cross for more than just a good time. I committed to the bike shop I work, and proud Enzo’s product carrier Bloomington Cycle and Fitness to do the Chicago Cross Cup series. I was sick the past couple of weeks and was planning on pulling the plug early and not doing the state championship. I was worried about what to do so I called up Enzo and asked him for some feedback. Well it was pretty clear after talking with him what I needed to do, and that was finish what I started and race the last race of the series. I had a horrible race to say the least, after a shifter came loose I had to pit and change bikes a couple of times. Lucky for me I had two teammates working the pits and had flawless bike exchanges. Thank you Al Reyes and Chris Sweet. After getting my bike stuff figured out I got into some kind of a grove. My teammate and close friend Chris Curran caught up with me after my second bike exchange. I held on with him as long as I could before he dropped me like a bad habit. I am so impressed with Chris. He has raced so well this year and has made more progress in cross then anyone else I know. He definitely gets my Most Improved Rider award! Also thank you to Scott and Caryn Davis at Bloomington Cycle and Fitness for all the support this year, much love.

I’m no cross racer by any means, but the season was fun and a great learning experience. Hopefully some of the skills and fitness will carry over to the road season. Speaking of road season, as many of you know I will be racing for Texas Roadhouse Cycling in 2013. I am so excited for next season. I’m sorry I’m just now writing this, graduate school is no joke and unfortunately writing updates and race reports are on the back burner for now. I hope to make a better effort next season to give weekly updates with my new team on the ENZO”s website so watch out for those! So far things are going well just the normal stuff, bikes, clothes, and figuring out training camps. We just finalized our sponsorship with Cervelo Bikes and our new kits are ready. It’s pretty funny looking at who is on the Texas Roadhouse Team, by funny I mean good and really good. Basically everyone on the team is either a previous National Champion or coming form another pro team. I have been seeing how many water bottles I can fit in my jersey to get ready for next year, laughter. I’m really excited about the opportunity to ride for such a great program and so far I have been given a warm welcome from everyone. I am heading down to south Florida in a couple weeks to train with my teammate Chad Burdzilauskas, go ahead say his last name three times fast, laughter. As of now I am taking some time off to refocus on school and clear my head, spend time with my family and just chill out. There are some people I would like to thank and by some I mean like a million people I need to thank for making this last season a great one.

Thank you,

Rob Curtis the owner of Psimet Wheels. What can I say, besides being a great guy you are someone that I can look up. Everyone who meets Rob loves him, his passion for the sport has helped to turn it into what it is today. His wheels are amazing too. Thank you for the opportunity to ride such amazing wheels. It was great getting to know you this year.

My team, this year was so much fun. Getting to know Tim, Ryan and Joel was probably one of the best parts of this year. We had a lot of fun. Thank you guys for making me look good out there. These guys did a lot of sacrificing for me.

Scott Davis, well if you don’t know Scott then you are missing out. Scott is not only my boss and the owner of Bloomington Cycle and Fitness, but also one of my closest friends. We have been through so much together this year. Without his support I would definitely not be where I am today. Scott is that friend that everyone wants to talk to and hang out with. When you are down he brings you up, no matter what life throws at me, knowing that I have a friend like Scott always makes me feel better. Also his wonderful wife Caryn “The brains of the operation” at BCF, thank you so much, I know a lot of the racers and guys on the team don’t know how much you do for them.

My travel buddy, Chris Curran what a great guy, Chris and I both work and the shop together and have been friends ever since out Junior college soccer days together. We are polar opposites, but we somehow even each other out. Thank you, and you wonderful family for all the support.

Wayne Simon, well I’m sure I would not be racing right now if it were not for this guy. I would have never got out of the “terrible 2’s”. By the “terrible 2’s” I mean your first year as a Cat 2 racer. Showing up to NRC races and getting you head smashed in is not fun. It’s not about riding your bike fast at this point; it’s 100% metal. Lose focus and you are kicked out the back of the race in no time. I have been working with Wayne for about two and a half years now. He has been there for me no matter what I needed, weather it be coaching, school advice, financial support, or just someone to talk with. I know many people think they know Wayne, but you really don’t. He may seem like a tough bike racer dude, but he is much more than that. He is a teacher, friend, father, husband, and all around wonderful person. He has made my life better and happier. No we don’t always agree on everything, it’s a real relationship. I know he is there for me and he knows I am there for him. He is not easy on me but I would not expect him to be. I could write on for a long time about him but I will leave it up to you to get to know him. Thanks Coach, for all that you do.

Happy Holidays and much love,


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