Spring Super Criterium Race Report P/1/2

02 Apr Spring Super Criterium Race Report P/1/2

2012 P/1/2/ Spring Super Critierium PodiumTim Speciale promised niced weather on Saturday, so I decided to race. He and Skilling were both wrong; it was cold and miserable.  Fortunately I brought a stick of Enzo’s Embro (Speciale has a history of being wrong about the weather)

There was more fire power at the race than expected but this was good as I wanted to see where my legs were at.  The plan was to be ultra aggressive and get into the move or cause a move.

The course was wide open and full gas could be applied at all times so get a move started was not going to be easy. The first few laps Speciale and I traded turns trying to get into moves. After Speciale finished try,  I found myself a little too far back and before I realized a group of 12 or so was off the front.

The pace was high but there were a lot of teams represented in the break so I new the main field would run out of steam quickly. They did and without hesitation I used some momentum and sorta attacked but really was more of a chase (Hard to get a gap going from 29-33) so I put in a really hard effort down the front part of the course a brought back the large group. As soon as we cought this group there were more attacks and Hartley put the gas down. I figured I should prolly dig in and catch that train. So I did and was hurting. Hartley pulled 8 of us away. We rotated, Hartley pulled hard, I took some pretty had pulls just see how I would respond (not well).

So with a few to go the field was gaining. Hartley put a couple digs in and we dropped 2. Then a lap or so latter people were not pulling so I put in a go and was out front but Hartley chased me down and we dopped 2 more. So 4 of us with an ever decreasing lead went to the line. Chad jumped out of the corner (about 500 yd sprint) I tried to jump on his wheel but couldn’t hang. He wins by 3 or so bike lengths.

In summary Chad put me in the hurt box, pinned me in the corner and would not let me out.

I want a rematch…

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