Superweek — Brown Deer Park 2011

22 Jul Superweek — Brown Deer Park 2011

I did not want to do this race but the team said they did, so I packed the car and went racing. Again, I am not a fan of the oval track and will not say any more about that, at least in this post.

This was a 1.7 mile loop, so I will call it a circuit race, not a crit. The road was not in great shape, there were no turns, though quite a bit of wind. The race started fast as Chris Black (Morgan Stanley) really wanted to create a break, attacking repeatedly until it stuck. Chris had Gary Doering with him as the two had about a 15 second gap and holding. Ward decides to go across with one rider following his wheel, I do not know.

This seems good and the start as they are gaining time. I went to the front and set tempo, locked it in at 25 mph, after 2 laps they were out of sight, maybe 30-40 seconds. Enough of that, says Billy Jones (IS Corp) as he gives chase. I do not mean attacking the group and surging, he went PRO on the group, setting tempo at 29-30 mph. After 1 lap of this Mike Heagney (VQ) jumps in the rotation and they start the 2 man TT.

This is not good for the break since, I am sure we are now rolling faster that the break. I figured it was OK being 3 against 2, until Mark Dolin (LAPT) starts to moves up. I follow his wheel to the front and he starts pulling. He flicks the elbows and I give him the look, “sorry I have a guy up the road”, no pulling for me. Billy Jones yells quickly to go around me and they do. Oh well I did my best to mess up the rotation. The correct etiquette is to stay out of the way of an effort like this, so I move back to 5th to 7th wheel, waiting for the connect then I will counter attack.

This takes place but Brian Karlow jumps first, Billy Jones was ready for this as he should have been, all racers know this basic tactic; you catch the break and there will be a counter attack. No dice, as we all take a hard digs trying to form another split but the group is not going to allow another break to form. Field sprint it is. I do not really want to talk about what happens in detail with regard to our lead out, we really screwed the pooch. We ended with 3 out of four in the money, but as the captain, I take responsibility for our screw up. We are learning how to race together, improving every race. Our lead outs will get better, next up Downer Ave.

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