Superweek — Homewood 2011

12 Jul Superweek — Homewood 2011

Homewood is a really fun course, it reminds me of the original Bensenville Superweek track, same width turns the only real difference is the finish line is a long way from the last corner. Enzo’s has good representation with 5 guys racing today; our plan is to hurt ourselves which should hurt the field. Second place is not an option today. Same players as the Geneva race plus a few others, so it will be a fast day — fast for old guys anyway.

Homewood Superweek 2011

The race was strung out early with Enzo's crew and a few others pushing the pace.

The race starts fast with all the Enzo’s guys in the top 20. I am sitting about 5th wheel and able to look back and see how strung out the race is while seeing all the boys, I love our kits for that, being easy to spot. I recall doing about 10 laps really fast, and then the pace finally slows. This only encourages guys to attack which is how the race goes for 30 laps, attack and chase. The Enzo’s boys were in every move that looked like a threat. As I said, we are getting better every race. With about 10 laps to go Derek Witte (Bissell) puts in a huge dig and really hurts people, then Chris Mosora (Scarlet Fire) does a huge effort. I am sitting about 5th wheel and I look back to see the race is blowing apart from these huge efforts, I am not feeling great which means everyone else is hurting as well. I sense this is a good time and attack into turn 5 but stay seated so the group does not realize what I am doing, it works. I have a small gap going through the last corner and really nail the headwind section holding 31mph for the start/finish straight. I stay on the gas for two laps gaining a nice 10-15 second gap, time to settle in, well at least take a breather for about 5 seconds. No pedaling which feels really nice, ok enough of that, yelling at myself, this is the race so HTFU! Getting out of the saddle I increase the speed again.

Homewood front stretch

A stiff headwind on the front stretch forced everyone to fight for a spot to hide.

Ken Lebbe, the awesome announcer who raced for US Postal, is helping with detailed reports of what is happening behind, thanks Ken. I know I have a solid 15-20 seconds, with 2 laps to go, yelling at myself again, the pack is going to put in one more big effort before setting up for the sprint. I dig as hard as I can for this lap, serious pain signals from the old body are telling me to stop this stupidity, shut up and finish what you started. 1 lap to go and the gap is solid, 20 seconds plus, now realizing I will not be caught. The only way I can lose is to flat or crash myself in the tight corners, so I really keep my focus on the basics.


Wayne Simon checks his gap

Wayne Simon checks his gap on the field.

This is one of the most satisfying ways to win a race, a solo effort for 7 to 10 minutes, as I make sure to enjoy the post up for a full 5-10 seconds as I cross the line. The sprint will be difficult for Enzo’s boys who were blocking as hard as they could. Bob gets second in the field sprint, Gene 12th, Ward 14th, and Brian 17th, four out of five Enzo’s boys in the money. No other team in this race has this kind of result, awesome work boys. I have to say there is no way I find this W without these guys, that is the beauty of team work, we always have each other’s backs.

Wayne Simon Crosses the line

After an exhaustive effort to hold off the field for 1st place, Wayne Simon has plenty of time to post up for Enzo.

Wayne Simon Podium

Wayne Simon takes 1st overall with Chris Mosora (Scarlet Fire) 2nd and Jason Swiatlowski (Bissell) 3rd.

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