Superweek — Richton Park 2011

19 Jul Superweek — Richton Park 2011

Not much to talk about in this race except there were 15 racers. I suspect the huge storms that knocked the power of a huge part of Edison’s grid may have had something to do with this. The course was OK, an oval through a neighborhood. I am not a fan of racing on oval courses; do I look like a horse or a car?

Enough said. The race started with me arriving late, I mean really late, Druber pumped the air in my tires while I dressed quickly. 5 minutes until they would line us up, Thanks Mark. I get a wristband and do 1 lap of the course, then go to the line because we are staging.

This is not good for an old body that has raced two days in a row. The whistle goes off and Druber nails the first lap so we have a 15 man single file line, at the end of this hard lap Druber slows and counters his first lap attack and rolls away solo, nice bike racing. I know mark is happy with this since he loves to turn any crit into a TT, if the group will allow it.

I must digress, when I use the term, if the group allows, this does not take away from the counter attack that Mark put in, it means the group has a choice to chase or not, in this case no 1 person mad an effort and I was not going to do this work with no warm up.

Illinois Storm

750,000 people lost their power the morning of the race. Enzo suspects that contributed to the unusually small field.

Druber gains maybe 45 seconds and the pack is going what I call slow. Pat Briggs attacks a few times and finally escapes solo, though I can see he is not catching Druber. Pat has been barking orders in every race which I am tired of, so I say let him cook in no man’s land for a while; people agree.

4 laps later I go to the front and set a fast tempo for a lap and bring Briggs back, this starts the counter attacks, and finally we are racing. We eventually bring Druber, not my plan, but it happens and the race comes down to a field sprint, which I finish 5th. After talking for a few minutes, collect my cash, do the podium for age group, lame, I drive back to Enzo’s head quarters going directly to the rock pile. Enzo is aware he is a few races behind, I will write a few more today and post soon.


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