ToAD – Waukesha (2011)

20 Jun ToAD – Waukesha (2011)

Waukesha TOAD Course

The 2011 Waukesha course.

Day three of ToAD is another criterium in Waukesha. This race has been going on for quite some time though ToAD changed the course eliminating turn one which was the reason I stayed away from this course. Turn #1 is now 110 degree, wide to a narrow road though a little bumpy the pave’ is adequate. This also lengthened the course which I also enjoyed. I thought the forecast would keep some away from today’s race as well it being Father’s day, I was wrong. The field was 80 racers maybe a few more, which is a lot for this course. Not having ridden the course with the changes I would keep my eyes open early for any obstacles. The start of the race was fast paced again with the pack going 33-34 mph in the front straight.

Today Enzo’s would have David (Jaggi) Gene, Wayne, and Marc as the representatives. My plan was to finish off my 3 days of race training with hard efforts, as to be sharp for Glencoe on Saturday, trying to escape from the deep, fast paced field. About 20 minutes in I attack really hard after turn one keeping a high pace through turns 2,3,4, and 5. I have one person on my wheel, Chris Halverson (IS Corp) which is good. For those of you that do not know this name, Chris is a local Midwest legend as a bike racer, check out his bio at USA Cycling. The funny thing about Chris is his favorite sport is CC Ski racing, and he considers bike racing his off season. Chris and I gain about 12 seconds, not enough to be out of sight, that would be 25 seconds. Holding this gap for 6 or 7 laps the field slowly bring us back. I keep an eye for a few solo guys attempting a counter attack which does happen.

So the race stays fast paced and nothing is staying away, until 10 laps to go, John Voigt (LAPT) seems to have the good legs holding the field off solo with a ten-second gap. I am sitting near the back but watching the front of the race as Dave Stone (Scarletfire Racing) bridges across to big John, this is not good. These two guys are very strong so I start to move up to the front. By the time I do this they have about 18 seconds and no one is really drilling it. Jaggi is in perfect position, sitting about 8th wheel. I recover from moving up and attack full gas out of turn one, I am going up to the winning break. I am clear but IS Corp will have none of this as they bring me back slowly. I do not care, thinking I will set Jaggi or Gene up to follow the wheel of the counter attack, making an easy bridge to the leaders. I keep the gas on for the next lap, as I pull off the gap has been reduced to ten seconds. This is now the perfect distance for a reasonable bridge. Sure enough the counter attack goes and Jaggi is on the wheel, I am excited and moving backwards through the field. Unfortunately the wheel Jaggi was on dies a quick death and he is now on the sharp end with a small gap, as he tries to keep going solo. A few seconds later Billy Jones (IS Corp) launches with Curtis Long (Z-Motion) and they pass David like an indy car passing the pace car, making it impossible to hitch a ride. I am cringing as I watch the race go up the road without an Enzo racer in the move.

The race ends with Curtis Long taking another W, Billy Jones 2nd, and Dave Stone 3rd. The positive is another learning opportunity as we are growing as a team. Jaggi was ready for the counter but not knowing all the players grabbed the first wheel instead of the correct one. This is a simple fix and I give Jaggi kudos for going down swinging. Because David has been racing Cat 3 races for the past years, he is a little rusty with the fine points of real racing tactics. He does however have a full understanding of what needs to be done and when to do it, Enzo’s is lucky to have him on the squad.  Gene finishes in 20th and I am somewhere in the 40’s, not sure, not too concerned about it either.

Everyone on the team is working today though we will have a large group for Schlitz park on Tuesday.

Until then, safe riding and racing. Oh yea, a congratulations to Big John Voigt (LAPT) for a 5th place finish, Billy Jones( IS Corp), and Dave Stone(ScarletFire Racing) you guys are racing well, keep it going boys.

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