Tour de C-U Men P/1/2

09 May Tour de C-U Men P/1/2

Photo by Elizabeth Rangel

Now it is time to watch the kids try to play against some tough, seasoned bike racers. Texas Roadhouse and Panthers have good representation in Champaign this weekend which is good for the young Enzo’s kids. They need a little ass kicking by these teams before going to an NRC race, were they will really have their an eyes opened. That being said, they will race sans Ryan today which is also a good lesson. If they can figure out a few things before Bam shows up, then they will be a force in local races. If Bam was here, they might just sit back and watch him race.

We have a pre-race talk and I give specific instructions to the boys. No need for details, they have a plan that is correct for this course and group of racers. I am watching to see how this unfolds, sure enough, when the first cash prime is called we have an Enzo’s guy going for the prime. This is the only exception to our plan, they have freedoms to sprint for cash if they feel they can win. Nick decides he can, sprints and takes the cash, then goes into TT mode? This is not part of the plan, though not looking like he is putting to much effort into it, he holds on for a few laps sole. One rider joins him, the two stay off the front for a few more laps. It is clear this will not last and the field finally decides it is time to bring it back. No way two guys holds off this field on this course.

This prime move somehow changes the set plan and the others start doing what they think is a better idea.
I do not offer any advises from the sidelines, though I am talking to myself, probably out loud too. So there is not much to talk about after this. The kids raced well though they did go rouge and the results showed that their audible failed. This is a good because we can talk about how to improve, changing 1 thing at a time. Tomorrow they get another shot at it. Lets see if they follow the instructions or continue to race like a bunch of Cat 3’s.


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