Urbana Master’s 40+/50+ Combo

11 May Urbana Master’s 40+/50+ Combo

This is the Master’s 1,2,3’4 – 40+ with the 50+ running at the same time. I am not really a fan or this format, but today it will work in our favor. There are a number of guys that have driven to Champaign for this race only, guys that are chasing the Illinois cup points. I suspect they think they have an advantage over guys that raced yesterday and today because they have fresh legs. This may be true though I am here to get faster by racing into high fitness. This extra work will pay off when I am racing ToAD against some of the fastest Master’s in the country.

Marc Zionts will be racing in the 50+, Gene is signed up in the 40’s. My plan is to get Marc into a break that sticks, and I will try to win the field sprint. My legs are tired from the 30+ race combined with the heat, low 90’s. The race starts and it is really slow, Billy make comment the first lap was timed with the sun dial, laughter. After 3 laps the pace increases, and my legs feel like they are full of cement. HTFU Enzo, since when did your legs have anything to do with racing your bike?

The attacks are going one after another and I am keeping a close eye on Andy Kerr (Bicycle Heaven). This is a compliment to Andy, having all the racing tools. Marc is doing the same and Gene seems to be hanging out in the field. Finally a break that could stick, Marc, David Schrauth, Michael Seguin, and they are looking good. I am at the front slowing in the corners just a little, unfortunately Andy recognizes the danger/opportunity and goes to jump accross. Now I do not like our chances with Andy in that group, so I weld myself to his wheel, sorry Marc.

These are the decisions that need to be made quickly when racing, if the break is good for your team or not. In this case, Andy has the better turn of speed in a sprint which means the odds are not in our favor for winning the race. The group is back together and the attacks continue, I can feel I am getting fatigued and so is the group, if my heart rate is high so are others. Druber calls a prime for the next lap, out of the last corner.

Dave Schrauth unleashes a vicious attack for the line and I try to follow. Finally making contact after the line, I roll through knowing Dave put way more into that effort than required, his legs were tying up with lactic acid. Taking the front with a 10 second gap I keep the pace high but steady. I pull the entire lap then Dave take a pull being somewhat recovered. We continue the 2 man TT with the lap counter saying 16 to go. The move sticks and I do not contest the sprint, Dave started the move and since we are in different age groups, we both win. Dave taking the 40+ and I the 50’s. Andy wins the field sprint fopr 2nd, Marc takes 3rd. Gene finishes 7th in the 40’s and finally our weekend of racing is finished. I am one tired old man.

Next up Monsters and Mother’s day. Safe riding and racing everyone.


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