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10 Jul Geneva Superweek

After racing in the Wisconsin State Criterium Championship on Saturday, I was not sure the Enzo's squad could match the perfect execution on consecutive days. We would have 6 racing today, Zauner, Jaggi, Both Karlow's, Tolli, and Enzo.The field had a few racers that we...

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12 Jul Superweek — Homewood 2011

Homewood is a really fun course, it reminds me of the original Bensenville Superweek track, same width turns the only real difference is the finish line is a long way from the last corner. Enzo's has good representation with 5 guys racing today; our plan is to hurt ourselves which should...

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12 Jul Super Week – Geneva 2011

[caption id="attachment_275" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The 5th turn, a 90 degree right hander with a slight descent into a narrow and curbed road and littered with bad tarmac, presents some obvious challenges. "][/caption] This is the first time Enzo will race the Geneva Criterium hosted by Ara...

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