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09 Nov OVCX GUN CLUB CROSS (TwoJohnsPodcast)

OVCX GUN CLUB CROSS (TwoJohnsPodcast) Heidi and I make the drive to Cincinnati to work & race the OVCX, Ohio Valley Gun Club Cross Event. This all started with John Gatch, one of the two John's from www.twojohnspodcast.missingsaddle.com/ writing a review about ButtonHole Chamois Cream a few months ago,...

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26 Oct USGP Louisville Day 2

USGP Louisville Day 2 The decision to go south for the second stop of the USGP CX race was made on Tuesday followed by a call to Druber to say, we could not make OctDruberfest. This is a fest you hope you get an invite to,...

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