Enzo’s Oil Stick Goes Beyond Cycling

06 Apr Enzo’s Oil Stick Goes Beyond Cycling

Since my daughter was born she had itchy, dry, skin. Her condition worsened into full blown eczema. Her poor baby cheeks would break out and ooze fluid. Scratches covered her little baby belly and calves. I would lather her constantly head to toe trying to ease her discomfort. The doctors suggested hydrocortisone, and when that didn’t work, had me use prescription hydrocortisone. Everything that I was doing was just a temporary fix, a week later she was itching all over again. This continued for two years. I used anything and everything I could get my hands on that I thought would help until I finally just accepted that my struggle to ease my baby was just going to be that, an ongoing struggle.

Then i was lucky enough to stumble on Enzo’s oil stick. By fate I crossed paths with the family who created this product and everything changed! Naturally I was skeptical but only because I had tried every product that I thought existed and nothing improved, but I thought “Why not?!” I completely stopped using cortisone to make sure the oil stick was improving her skin, and the only way I can describe what happened next was shocking. Even with the cortisone, aquaphor, eucerin, aveeno, (you name it!) her skin was always dry, bumpy, and still flared up with red rashes. After using it at first, I had no complaints of itchiness and no more scratches, a week later her skin started to actually smooth out, a month later her skin was smoother than I can ever remember, hydrated, and best of all my baby girl finally had relief from her condition for more than a couple days! I am more happy with this product than I can even describe in words! I don’t just use it on her I use it on my sons dry winter skin and even on myself! Eczema is such a common and frustrating thing to deal with and now I can rest easy knowing that I found such an amazing product that not only helped, but completely solved the problem!

From our whole family and all of our hearts, THANK YOU ENZO’S OIL STICK!!


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