Enzo Is Back In The Saddle

19 Aug Enzo Is Back In The Saddle

It has been sometime since Enzo has had an interest in riding a bicycle or blogging. Those of you that really know how I roll, know I could easily go off in detail, with regard to the how and why the riding desire was snuffed out. That is not important, so I will focus on the positive part of the story.

The facts are this, I was sidelined for a number of reasons, which have all been for the better! Not racing my bike has been really interesting, giving Enzo a chance to focus on a few other interests, like the family, work, climbing, and weight gain!

I figured I would return to the bike when the desire to swing a leg over the saddle was there.

Back in time, my oldest daughter Nicole, during her last year of college returned to the sport of rock climbing. I had introduced all three of my girls to this sport at a young age, for a number of reasons. It is a full body workout while learning how to wrestle your internal fears under physical stress. The fear of falling seems to be one, if not the greatest fears humans have, creating many emotions. Learning how to deal with these emotions and function with a clear mind certainly is empowering.

Since Nicole was starting to climb outside often, and soon to be moving out of the house, I though it would be fun to become one of her climbing partners.

This turned out to be an awesome choice, since she had passed me in climbing ability. Now the student had become the teacher, how cool is that! We would drive to the Red River Gorge, Ky. climb for 3-5 days, though I would always take a day and ride my bike in order to keep my race fitness. A slow conflict was starting, continue to race my bike at the level I was used to or increase my ability to climb harder routes?

There was also an additional, never spoken of stress. I had hit the ground in numerous races over the past two seasons, road and CX, which I sustained long term injuries, torn intercostals, and increased back trauma. Getting out of bed was a daily test, and my team mates, being younger, did not fully understand or care! Climbing was much easier on my body, seems funny but true. So the combination of several emotions, burn out from continual dual race seasons road and CX, injuries with constant pain, and the draw to hang with Nicole and a new challenge to climb harder routes, was a reality.

Turns out a choice was made for me, which ends up being a blessing. I would be lying if I said that I recognized this a blessing at first. I was seriously angry they way the Enzo’s team was dismantled! In hindsight, happiness is the result. No more self inflicted, teammates guilting me to be at races in order to help them win. Like a number of Master’s racers I know that have won enough times, Fleck, Druber, Dave Stone, are great examples. The the process is where the glory lies, not winning.

Fast forward to current time, I have been using bike training principals, periodization for my climb training! With my focus on climbing, guess what has returned, the desire to ride my bike. So I close with a thank you to Druber and the ScartletFire team, taking in the remaining Enzo’s team members, and never pressuring me to race. To Curtis Tolson for always being in my corner, and to Colavita Chicagoland for the continued mental support. Yesterday’s Colavita group ride was humbling but seriously fun.

I hope this post is clear, Enzo is back in the saddle and will be a dual athlete.

Safe riding to everyone. If I see you on the road, please be kind while my fitness is low, I never forget an unkindness!



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