He put the ‘Enzo’ in Enzo’s Cycling Products

Enzo’s cycling products was founded by Illinois cyclist, Wayne Simon in 2010 when he had the idea to create a superior chamois cream for a lower cost. Simon’s love for bicycle racing began in his early twenties, and he has since dedicated much of his life towards competitive cycling. In 2008, Simon won himself the Master’s National Road Championship, as well as over a dozen state titles. However, throughout his many years of rigorous training, traveling, and competitive racing, Simon was never more dedicated to anything than he was to his wife Heidi, and three daughters, Nicole, Kendall and Rachel. The Simon family worked hard to not only help Wayne become the best racer he could be, but also to start a made-in-America, family-owned business that you know as: Enzo’s Cycling Products.

 Just Ask Heidi

If you’ve ever walked into a bike shop and had the pleasure of feasting your eyes upon a beautiful minty-green Enzo’s jar, you can be sure to know that it was the work of Heidi Simon, Enzo’s very own beating heart, that put it there. Apart from Enzo’s two distributors, Trek bicycles and Hans Johnson, Heidi has been the one and only salesperson for Enzo’s Cycling Products since the company’s inception in 2010. In just 7 years, and maybe a million phone calls later, Heidi has single-handedly put Enzo’s on the map and into over five-hundred bike shops nationwide. She’s known best for her kindness of heart and sweet soul, and it is a well known-phrase as well as common knowledge that, “Everybody Loves Heidi.”